the sound of loneliness
we like pens.

The girl of eighteen summers
She has burnt fingers
stubbed toes and
a passion for gardening.
The boy of nineteen winters
He ran to the woods
to the mountains
to the sea.
The girl of eighteen summers,
the boy of nineteen winters.
They met under the lights of the sky
He taught her how
to run
She buried rosebuds
beneath his

Someone switched off the light

But you don’t know who

And you don’t know when.

There are 7 roads out if this town

And they all lead to fields of daisies
escaping the earth wherever you look.

I want you to teach me to waltz in one if those fields

Even though I know that you love the girl across the street more than you love me.

It was you that turned out the light

I know it was

It was you.

Words by writingsforwinter (on loving you even with broken bones)

The boy at number seven only loved the girl at number twelve for one day and one night. His addiction to her ended with the sight of her stepping out of the red front door across the street at 7am. She says that the boy at number eight has forks spilling out of his eyes and shadows slipping out of his bed but no one would know because his house was the colour of eggshells and he only left when the moon was high and birds silent.

All words by inkywings  All photos by me, quotable-lies

Beach - San Cisco

This song makes me want to cry for two reasons. The first being that it reminds me of those three days i spent in Brighton when I was in England. The weather was very similar to the weather in the video and I went to all the places they went. The second reason this makes me want to cry is because it reminded me how much I want to be in a band. The way San Cisco hangs around its each other is so cute and sibling like in the way they can be best friends but with something holding them together which means they can’t just walk away. 

I just love San Cisco and I love torturing myself with nostalgia so this music video is one of my favourites of all time. 

reckless - san cisco
she’s a riot - the jungle giants